Divi Sahana Programme

Divi Sahana Program To support rural enterprises, the foundation has provided tea plants for families in the Omatta region. Tea plantations are an important part of the local economy and a vital income generator for land owners. This scheme has provided a steady income for households

Empowering Farmers

Empowering Local Farmers Empowering local farmers & promoting sustainable agriculture is at the heart of what we do at Lotus Foundation! That’s why we’re proud to offer free seeds, planting materials & compost to Farmers in Omatta. Together, we can create a more sustainable future! 

Temple repairs carried out

Temple repairs carried out The renovation of the Omatta Temple was a major project in 2018 and one warmly endorsed by local people. Urgent repair work was planned and carried out following discussions with the monk of the temple

Patikiri-Kumbalatara Foundation
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