Our primary focus is on education, and we believe that every child in Omatta deserves access to a top-class education. To achieve this, we are investing in upgrading local schools to operate as Centres of excellence. We offer educational bursaries and scholarships, career guidance, and IT training and language learning facilities for aspiring youngsters. Our goal is to empower the youth of Omatta to achieve their full potential and become leaders in their communities.


We also understand the importance of maintaining healthy and sustainable plantations, which is why we offer support and guidance to local families on maintaining their plantations. We provide healthcare facilities and assistance to ensure that the local community is healthy and thriving.


We believe in promoting healthy living and wellbeing in Omatta, Agalawatte. Our healthcare assistance program is designed to support people in need, including the elderly, disabled, and low-income families. We provide medical care and assistance to those who cannot afford it, ensuring that everyone has equal access to healthcare facilities and support.

Patikiri-Kumbalatara Foundation
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